It’s SATIS! You heard it here!

I’m not quite sure what SATIS, the Studentische Arbeitsgruppe gegen Tiermissbrauch im Studium (student’s workgroup against animal abuse in studies) has to do with this blog, but something tells me that I’ll find out soon.

Life is full of mysteries, but some of them are more linked in than others…

3 Responses to It’s SATIS! You heard it here!

  1. Ugo Cei says:

    Hmmm, somehow I think it’s not *that* SATIS…

  2. Ah, that rings a bell. The masked guy on Torsten’s weblog probably represents the suffering of these poor animals.

    As it says on that SATIS page: “…wie sie darunter LEIDEN ist zutiefst berührend…” : “how they suffer down there is so moving” or something like that.

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