Life in Open Source Communities, live at ApacheCon!

notmuch.jpgI have just finished my slides for next week at ApacheCon. Though the topic of how to “survive” in our open source communities has been on my mind for a while, this is a totally new presentation, which is both great (in the blank slate sense) and a lot of work.

cocoon-step.jpgHaving recently read Presentation Zen (very recommended if you do presentations and/or like beautiful books), I started adding full-screen pictures to the first few slides, and couldn’t stop! The presentation will then consist of me ad-libbing (or more precisely trying to tell stories) on a series of nice pictures grabbed from (don’t worry about that name).

allabout.jpgI’ll post the slides here later, for now they are super secret, so you’ll just get the teasers…images courtesy of (update: slides added now).

Hope to see you next week! In any case I have collected a number of useful links in my delicious bookmarks, I’ll point people to them in the presentation.

3 Responses to Life in Open Source Communities, live at ApacheCon!

  1. Damien Snoeck says:

    Looks really interesting. That’s bad that’s the conference is far from Switzerland. So, I will wait for the slide.

  2. Antonio Gallardo says:

    Hi Bertrand,

    Awesome idea for a presentation!

  3. Ralph Goers says:

    The presentation was very good and was informative. It gave me a lot to consider for the other communities I’m involved in.

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