gpg on macosx - easy


Preparing for the big trip I have finally created a PGP key for myself, which should help expand the ASF's web of trust overseas.

Installing gpg on macosx was very easy using macgpg and the instructions at fiatlux.

So, just in case:

pub 1024D/015AFC8A 2004-06-18 Bertrand Delacretaz Key fingerprint = 9E2F 96C6 40A0 731D 93BF 548E 37F6 8FF5 015A FC8A uid Bertrand Delacretaz

Update: David Crossley points me to Henk Penning's page, which includes nice graphical renditions of the ASF's web of trust.

Erik Abele also has an agora-based rendition of the same data.

Update #2: I forgot to mention that I have uploaded my key to as well, search for bdelacretaz.