VanillaJS & the Web Platform, a match made in heaven?

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Speaking (in French) at the Very Tech Trip conference in Paris in February was nice!

Although the conference is very clearly vendor-driven, being organized by OVHCloud, a major European cloud provider, the vibe was very nice with lots of great technical content. Attendance was free, including food and beverages, which is a nice touch.

My talk was entitled "VanillaJS et la Web Platform, le couple de l'année?" which more or less translates to this post's title. Although the talk took place in one of the smaller rooms, it was full and I got a nice audience of developers asking great questions.

I'm hoping to do more talks around the Web Platform, as I'm spending a good amount of my time explaining and promoting it nowadays.

This particular topic is not very popular right now, as many developers still believe they cannot create a website without a client-side JavaScript framework, but things are changing. I'm hopeful.

The slides can be found below, and there's more on the Very Tech Trip website.

VanillaJS et la Web Platform, le couple de l'année?