My ApacheCon EU talk is alive!


In the last few days my "Open Source tools and corporate projects" talk has been moving in very funny ways on the ApacheCon EU program. This thing is alive, I'm sure.

First it was listed in the sessions timetable (which is correct), then it appeared in both the sessions and in the tutorial timetables, but was missing in the "list of sessions" page, and right now it's in the tutorials timetable only.

But it's not a tutorial, it's only a 45-minute talk, so don't sign up or I'll be in trouble. Well, we'd go for a beer then I guess.

I have been in contact with the organisers and they have confirmed that my talk will happen (there was an error in the system apparently). I just don't know yet when and in which form: alive as it seems to be, the talk might have morphed in a 3D motion picture until then. I should maybe start working on the music score to be on the safe side.

Anyway: see you there, and I hope that the people running are able to tame this beast soon.