macosx 10.3.6 update fails here

Very unusual – my powerbook is misbehaving after trying to install the latest 10.3.6 update.

The first warning sign was when it crashed at the end of the update – never happened before.

After restarting, the system about box indeed says “10.3.6” but the update has not been logged in the software update tool list, which leads me to believe that it was not fully completed.

My system mostly works but the Finder doesn’t start, I get this error in the finder crash report:

dyld: /System/Library/CoreServices/
Undefined symbols: DiscRecordingContent undefined reference to
_kDRDeviceMediaTypeDVDPlusRDoubleLayer expected to be defined
in DiscRecordingEngine

DiscRecordingContent undefined reference to _kDRFlagsKey
expected to be defined in DiscRecordingEngine

Hmm….I’m downloading the combo 10.3.6 update to try to redo it by hand. If you were about to make the same update, you might want to wait. I’ll update this post once I have more precise info about what’s happening.

Update: the Finder is back after restoring the contents of the /System/Library/Frameworks/DiscRecording.framework/Versions/A directory from the pax archive found in the 10.3.6 combo update. Wondering if other frameworks are in the same half-installed state, but haven’t seen any other problems for now.

9 Responses to macosx 10.3.6 update fails here

  1. Andreas Ringdal says:

    Could you post a bit more detailed how you downloaded the combo utdate?

  2. Go to and search “10.3.6”, you’ll find both the “normal” and the combo update.

  3. Andrew Durdin says:

    I have the same issue (but with a different framework) with my iBook… here’s hoping the 10.3.6 combo update will fix it.

  4. Jeff Johannes says:

    Thanks for the help. It worked! I wrote about it in the Mac OS X hints forum.

    I have noticed another problem. The didn’t work when I tried to launch it from the finder. I have a detailed log file I could send. It lists a lot of other frameworks.

  5. Sam says:

    My iBook crashed too at the end of the 10.3.6 update. Excepted it stayed crashed. I never get past the Apple logo on reboot, and no permission repairing from the disk utility has changed that =( And it would seem more reports of the same crash (or variations thereof) are popping up… There’s obviously something wrong with 10.3.6, but Apple hasn’t acted on it yet.

  6. thorolf smřr says:

    Hi, I’m having similar problems using the 10.3.6 Combo update to start with:

    iChatAgent / iChat crash at launch with a Link (dyld) error, pointing to undefined Symbols in usr/bin/libSystem.B.dylib

    I’m not terribly familiar with Terminal though – is the pax command similar to ‘install in place’ in Pacifist?

    Can I safely remove
    usr/bin/libSystem.B.dylib from my running System then re-apply the Combo?

  7. Simon says:

    I found a few apps were not working after updating my G5 1.8 to 10.3.6 – eg dreamweaver, fetch, stuffit. Doing a permissions repair in disk utility fixed this. Also my friend’s G4 lost the finder after updating to 10.3.6. following the instructions in the forum referred to above at fixed this. Thanks heaps to everyone for the help.

  8. phantom_photon says:

    How do you run the Terminal program if the finder doesn’t work? I can only open programs that are in my dock, and Terminal isn’t one of them.

  9. > How do you run the Terminal program
    > if the finder doesn’t work?

    Good point…in my case the terminal is in my dock because I use it all the time. Another option might be to start the system in character mode, I think there is a startup key combination that allows you to start in single-user, character or other modes.

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