DAX: XSLT-like transforms in Java

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Intrigued by Lars Trieloff's DAX - Where flowscript and XSLT meet talk title for the Cocoon GT, I did some research and I like what I see!

See this excerpt from Mindquarry's AnalysisTransform example:

\* Match all romeo and juliet line elements and update speaker map
\* @param node line element
@Path("//line\[../speaker='Rom.' or ../speaker='Jul.'\]")
public void speaker(Node node) {
// grab speaker node from preceeding sibling axis
Node speakerNode = speakerXPath.selectSingleNode(node);
String speaker = speakerNode.getStringValue();

Due to the _@Path_ annotation, this method replaces an `xsl:template` that would have the same XPath.

Using it is as simple as:

public void testExecute() throws DocumentException{
// create a dom4j doc
SAXReader reader = new SAXReader();
Document doc = reader.read(

// create a transformer
AnalysisTransform t = new AnalysisTransform();

// perform the transform and check results
assertEquals( t.lines.get("Rom."), new Integer(606));
assertEquals( t.lines.get("Jul."), new Integer(542));

Great stuff! There's more info on the Mindquarry wiki, and Lars will be at the GT to tell us more.

The Transformer code is also an interesting example of how to put Java annotations to good use.