Trackbacks disabled

I’ve been hit by a crapflood of trackbacks and it’s a bit of a pain to cleanup in Movable Type (as I’m running it on Berkeley DB), so the easiest was to temporarily remove the trackback info on my page templates.

I’m planning to move to blojsom anyway, as soon as I’m ready with my new server (and I’ll need some rewriting to map the current permalinks). I’ll probably reactivate the trackbacks then, although they’re not used much.

The new (virtual) server is hosted at, everything looks really good until now but I haven’t moved much stuff there yet. They give discounts for ASF members, and I’ve only had good experiences with their service until now.

One Response to Trackbacks disabled

  1. Patrice says:

    My Web server is also hosted at Bytemark. I’ve been quite happy with them with a few minor exceptions. Sometimes they are very slow to answer. But genereally they know their stuff.

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