Open Laszlo

flash tools

Wow - the Flash user interfaces generated by Open Laszlo are just plain gorgeous. Have a look at the demos.

The Laszlo Presentation Server compiles XML descriptions of user interfaces to Flash 5- a really nice way to build rich user interfaces on the web.

Man...I need some more of these 58-hour days to test all the great stuff that is floating around ;-)

Via Ted Leung.

Update: I shouldn't forget to mention David Temkin's words on why Laszlo became open source: The world has changed, and we've taken notice. Many others would be well inspired to take notice ;-)

Update #2: the first person to write a Cocoon serializer and samples for Laszlo gets a very large glass of their favorite drink (but don't tell me you like to drink melted gold ;-)

Update #3: Vadim is running for the bounty!