Solr graduates from the Apache Incubator

Here’s the announcement, fresh from my inbox:


It will take a few days until all the related websites are updated, but the vote at the incubator has passed.

As Yonik puts it, it seems like Solr is just getting started.

Have a look at the mailing list stats below, this looks promising.

The solr-dev list is first, the solr-users. In blue the number of subscribers, in red the number of posts per day.



Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen, I guess we’ll have a beer at ApacheCon EU 07!

One Response to Solr graduates from the Apache Incubator

  1. leo says:

    Congratulation to you and the whole solr team. This project sounds realy interesting, I should realy try it out in the future.

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