Swiss bloggers, vote for the blogch tag!

Stephanie suggests using the blogch Technorati tag to mark posts related to the Swiss blogosphere (whatever that is ;-)

If you like the idea, please post a comment on her post (in French) to vote for it!

Me, I also liked blogospherahelvetica a lot, but people find it longish.

Should we also add tags to indicate the post language, like french, english or schwyzterduetsch? I think so.

3 Responses to Swiss bloggers, vote for the blogch tag!

  1. chregu says:

    Over at “we” use lang:de, lang:en, lang:fr and lang:de_ch for tagging the language of a blog in general.

  2. Je n’utiliserais personellement la langue comme tag que si le sujet du billet est la langue. Normalement Technorati doit pouvoir reconnaître la langue d’un billet, donc c’est une info qu’on pourrait tirer de chez eux.

    Tout ce qu’on peut automatiser…

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