Open Source Collaboration Tools are Good For You!

That’s what I’m going to talk about at ApacheCon EU 2008. I’m going to rewrite my previous Open Source Project Tools for Corporate Projects presentation (below), from a more analytic and results-oriented angle.

3 Responses to Open Source Collaboration Tools are Good For You!

  1. Hi Bertrand,

    nice slides. In case you are not aware of it you might want to have a look at Trac which is an integrated svn viewer, bug tracker and wiki. Coming from a Bugzilla and Jira background I find it the best tool for lightweight software development (for my purposes). It does not get in the way.


  2. I have tried Trac (and many others ;-) at some point, and yes the integration between its various components is nice.

    The talk shows Bugzilla as it was what we used at the time – which tool you use, however, does not matter as much as whether you use a tool or not!

  3. Hen says:

    I always think that it’s very simple.

    People care more about work they own than work they are being paid for. It doesn’t matter how professional you are, you’re going to care more for the work you have an investment and a stake in.

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