Dear Boingo: geeks do use concurrent HTTP requests, you know?

So I tried the Wi-Fi provided by Boingo at the Atlanta airport the other day, and haven’t been too successful with it.

It worked for ten minutes, after which I was banned for Anomalous Behavior. I guess that must be my RSS feed reader. You know, this thing even does several HTTP requests at the same time, wow!

Here’s what I wrote to yesterday – haven’t heard back from them yet.


I signed up for a boingo day pass yesterday at the Atlanta airport,
and my connection only worked for about ten minutes.

After that time, I got a warning saying “Anomalous Behavior Detected –
request blocked” (screenshot enclosed). I waited a few minutes to see
if the connection would become unblocked, but that didn’t happen.

That error page told me to contact a network administrator, but there
was no contact phone number, so I haven’t been able to get over that
problem, which means I haven’t been able to used the service that I
paid for.

Can I get a refund?

I think your “abnormal amount of activity” detector has been fooled by
me starting my RSS news reader, and browsing the web from several
browser windows, as I always do (I’m a professional software
developer, so I use my computer more intensively that your average
traveler I guess). This creates more HTTP requests than someone who’s
just browsing the web, but the sign-up page didn’t indicate any
limitations such as these, so I feel like I didn’t get the service
that I paid for. You might want to adjust that detection, and at least
provide a phone number to call, on the error page.

Please let me know how to proceed.

Update: they did reply today, and according to them I was blacklisted by the ATL airport network. I’ve asked for a customer service address to complain there.

2 Responses to Dear Boingo: geeks do use concurrent HTTP requests, you know?

  1. designstream says:

    I had the same exact thing happen to me today at the Atlanta airport. I was only able to use the service for about 10 minutes when I got the same message which is still on my computer.

  2. JR says:

    I had the same problem at ATL yesterday and I was trying to use my company VPN. Then I went to WOW. What a rare request. This boingo access is a scam.

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