Moving – expect no disruption

I’m finally moving all of to my new server at onsmart.

I have configured the old server as a reverse proxy for the new one, so this should be transparent for all you (three) readers. We’ll see, but please bear with me if service is not 100% here in the next few days.

Update: “expect no disruption” – you didn’t believe me, did you? There have been connectivity problems between my old server (UK) and the new one (US), so it’s not as smooth as I expected it. I’m doing the DNS change tonight to go back to direct connections.

2 Responses to Moving – expect no disruption

  1. Tom Klaasen says:

    That guy at the front page of onsmart is banging his head against the wall? It takes a lot of courage to trust such a company ;-)

  2. Hehe – no wonder, with customers like me ;-)

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