Paloose - Cocoon sitemaps in PHP

cocoon xml

Synchronicity I guess...yesterday talking to a colleague we came to the conclusion that Cocoon pipelines are here to stay and today comes an announcement for Paloose, an implementation of Cocoon sitemaps, including many of our standard components apparently, in PHP5.

I haven't had time to test it yet, if you do you're welcome to add comments here.

The nice thing is that hosting PHP5 is much easier for small projects than hosting Java, so this might help make Cocoon pipelines a standard in wider circles.

Also, having a clean way of using the rich PHP-based templating system to process XML data (coming from Cocoon maybe) would be cool - I don't know how good the integration can be with the current version of Paloose.

Of course this only does pipelines, it's not a full implementation of Cocoon, but...pipelines are here to stay, so this is a Good Thing.

I shouldn't end this without mentioning Popoon, another Cocoon pipelines system written in PHP. I'll try to compare them in my Copious Free Time.