Apache Bikers - will they want me and my Flyer?

cycling ebike

There's talk here, here and here about forming a (virtual) Apache Bikers team. As in bicycle, not Harley Davidson this time.

Hopefully my Flyer electric bike wouldn't disqualify me! Of course it uses less of my power, but running it all year in any weather might compensate, based on the mental effort that this requires ;-)

My daily commute is 11.5 km one way (and more than 300m in elevation), which translates to about 370km a month or about 4'000km a year given that I'm not always at the office.

The other day I bumped into someone who sold his Flyer after realizing that you must still pedal uphill...I guess he should have tried that before buying. The nicest thing about this bike is that it allows you to use less energy if you're tired or when weather conditions are too depressing to pedal happily. But you still need some effort to reach a decent speed!