Sitting in the room in beautiful Het Pand with more than 20 Cocooners, ready to fire away…wifi does work – looks good.

We’re taking notes in real-time using SubEthaEdit. Horrible name if you ask me, but great software.

Watch the Cocoon Wiki updates for reports.

Update: more than 40 attendees in the afternoon, people have been arriving during the whole day!

Update: we have to leave the place Real Soon Now (and eat something). the bug squashing time has been short, but still: down to 69 open bugs, down from 106. Thanks everybody!

2 Responses to Hackathon

  1. Cocoon GT 2k3 Coverage

    There’s a whole flurry of activity going on due to the Cocoon GetTogether, along with the Hackathon. Let’s see if I can round most of it up. Lots of notes being written in real-time on the Wiki. Matthew has a bunch of pictures from the Hackathon. Impro…

  2. Stefano says:

    SubEthaEdit used to be called Hydra (one animal with many heads) but they had trademark issues and had to change the name. :-(

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