Are you proud of your docs?


Gavin King talks about the (well deserved) success of Hibernate. Getting to the interview text is much harder than it should on that website but you can do it ;-)

Quoting him:

So many of the great Java open source projects that are out there could be so much more successful, and so much better as a project if people took the time to take pride in the documentation. To me, it’s a matter of taking pride in your work. When you build something, don’t you want to tell everybody about it? Don’t you want to write about and document it? So people keep talking about how good the documentation for Hibernate is. That’s because we’re proud of it. We’re proud of what we produced and we want to get out there and tell people about it.

Being proud of one's software is one thing, but how many projects do you know which are proud of their docs? I wouldn't be proud on having X pages of docs for sure, but easy access to information, navigability, for thought.