Ready for ApacheCon EU

bdelacretaz-apachecon-eu-2006  slideMy Open Source project tools for corporate projects presentation is ready.

It’s a rework of the one I did at the Cocoon GetTogether 2003. Things haven’t changed much since then, except that business types are finally starting to be interested in this: why is it that (apparently) chaotic Open Source projects succeed, while (apparently) well-structured corporate projects fail? You’ll find out if you’re there ;-)

My talk is part of the business track, which explains why it isn’t listed in the “plain” sessions list.

I’ve booked a room at the Albany House for the whole week, and it looks like several Cocoonistas will stay there as well. Looking forward to it!

2 Responses to Ready for ApacheCon EU

  1. leo says:

    Will you publish your presentation afterwards? Would be interessting for me. Flying around the world or even EU is at the moment not in my budget.

  2. Yes, it should be available online after the conference.

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