QOTD: Albert Einstein on the teaching power of examples

Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach (Albert Einstein).

Sounds so obvious…you don’t teach babies to speak by explaining how to move all the organs involved in speech: you start by talking to them, and once they get the basics you explain a bit and move to the next stage of examples.

4 Responses to QOTD: Albert Einstein on the teaching power of examples

  1. Dr. Sanford Aranoff says:

    If you want to know how to teach, you must know how students think. See the new book on amazon.com: “Teaching and Helping Students Think and Do Better”.

  2. bdelacretaz says:

    This blog doesn’t have categories for comments, but if it did the previous comment would certainly fall in the “shameless plug” category ;-)

  3. Jorge says:

    The Chinese take this concept to the max: the character for “to learn” and “to copy” is the same… just ask Siemens (and others…)!

  4. Dennis says:


    I never knew that, but that’s an interesting fact.

    And the quote is a great quote.

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