Yonik's Law of Half Baked Patches

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NOT the official Solr logoYesterday an interesting discussion started among Solr community members, about when to commit stuff, RTC vs. CTR, and trust between committers.

In less than 24 hours, with each of us spending a few minutes expressing themselves (and a bit more for Hoss to write stuff down, thanks!), the Solr commit guidelines are out. Is this efficient or what?

Along the way I discovered Yonik's Law Of Half Baked Patches:

A half-baked patch with no documentation, no tests and no backwards compatibility is better than no patch at all.

Very True, isn't it? This is my own paraphrased version, see Yonik's original post for the Real Thing.

A while ago I wrote that the power of loosely-coupled communities or teams is amazing, if they're well coordinated - my amazement has not stopped!

(note that the Solr logo shown here is not the official one - it's my favorite among the currently suggested ones)

Update: Yonik indicates that the patches that he's talking about are the ones submitted to an issue tracker, *not* the ones that are committed!