QOTD: on compiling open source projects

Rod Johnson, Spring founder, in the TSS thread about the new SpringSource maintenance policy:

Anyone who refuses to compile an open source project under any circumstances doesn’t really believe in open source: they believe in other people working for them for free.

Well said.

4 Responses to QOTD: on compiling open source projects

  1. Emmanuel Lecharny says:

    OTOH, “anyone who make it difficult to compile an OSS, for instance by refusing to tag versions, in order to get some revenues by selling subscriptions, doesn’t really believe in open source either”

  2. bdelacretaz says:

    I hear you ;-)

  3. SpringSource’s commitment to open source looks questionable to me, at least after reading this analysis of the commiter affiliations and the notes about Spring 3.0:

  4. bdelacretaz says:

    Thanks Michael, very interesting!

    See also Gianugo’s post at http://boldlyopen.com/2008/09/26/springsource-on-a-slippery-slope/ – the secret SCM tags put the above quote in a very different perspective.

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