Lightweight Tools for successful Projects: drawing and video

opensource thoughts

lightweight-tools-w300.jpgFound this drawing in my digital mess, and given the time that it took me to create it's probably worth putting here. You can click on the image for a full-size version.

It's been two years now since I first gave this presentation at the Cocoon GetTogether 2003, but it's still as valid as ever: projects (and not only software projects) can learn a lot from watching how Open Source organizations work.

Also, enabling your team members to answer the right questions about your project (like the ones shown on the drawing) is still the first and most important step towards success. And I'm still terrified at how little IT students around here are exposed to these things during their studies...

The video of the presentation is available at, by following the links to "Material from events " and then videos/16-lightweight-tools.avi. I'm not posting the actual URL as you need to use a local mirror to get the 52MB file.