The Henzingers are coming to Lausanne


A while ago I noticed that Google's Monika Henzinger was giving a talk at the nearby Swiss Federal institute of Technology, but didn't think about the possible implications of her visit.

Now the good news have come out (in print at least - I did check, this is not April's issue): Thomas and Monika Henzinger will move here and join the institute very soon.

Lucky students! For me Google as it stands today is software at its very best: reliable, efficient and meaningful, the exact opposite to most of the bloatware that is floating around. So having the (now former I assume) Director of Research at EPFL is really good news for the future of computing around here.

(hey notice I'm in a good mood: I didn't make bloatware a link ;-)

Update: official news are available (use the E-Henzinger link on that page for an english PDF)