The Henzingers are coming to Lausanne

A while ago I noticed that Google’s Monika Henzinger was giving a talk at the nearby Swiss Federal institute of Technology, but didn’t think about the possible implications of her visit.

Now the good news have come out (in print at least – I did check, this is not April’s issue): Thomas and Monika Henzinger will move here and join the institute very soon.

Lucky students! For me Google as it stands today is software at its very best: reliable, efficient and meaningful, the exact opposite to most of the bloatware that is floating around. So having the (now former I assume) Director of Research at EPFL is really good news for the future of computing around here.

(hey notice I’m in a good mood: I didn’t make bloatware a link ;-)

Update: official news are available (use the E-Henzinger link on that page for an english PDF)

2 Responses to The Henzingers are coming to Lausanne

  1. Monika Henzinger is going to Lausanne

    Monika Henzinger, currently Director of Research at Google, is becoming (together with her husband) a Professor at the EPFL Lausanne (in english as pdf). Congratulations to the Henzingers and Lausanne! (See also Bertrand)…

  2. Google coincidence?

    Bertrand talks about the (Google) Henzingers moving back to Europe to raise their children and take on positions at EFPL. Google also plans on opening an engineering center in Switzerland – so surely that’s no coincidence….

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