ApacheCon presentation slides

The presentation slides (some of them at least) will be made available at wiki.apache.org/apachecon/Eu2006OnlineSessionSlides.

Update: corrected the URL

2 Responses to ApacheCon presentation slides

  1. cal says:

    You may have corrected the url to point at the wiki but it means I can’t find the slides on the official apachecon site. I knows it’s there as i have seen them when i clicked on the old url listed by you. Now I can’t find the link. The wiki page does not link to the session slide just to the main site and it doesn’t seem to link to the presentations. I attended the conference but have recieved no word of where the presentation are meant to be. The old “incorrect url” you listed was actually far more useful. It’s not your responsibility to publish the location of the slides for attendees, that should be the conference organisers. I just thought i’de point out that your blog was the only location i could find the slides from.

  2. I’m not currently allowed to publish the “other” URL, only the one from the wiki is public.

    This wasn’t clear when the URL was announced at the conference (or I didn’t get it right) and was communicated later.

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