What you do at a GetTogether


For people who couldn't attend, you might wonder what goes on in the audience with soooo many laptops and a so good WiFi link (thanks GT team!).

Well, there was ongoing chatter on IRC, but only about really important stuff like:

sylvainw Won't the slides be available for download somewhere? stevenn they will when I get back into a sane state :-) Bertrand so be kind to steven guys mpo oh no, not the sane state again mpo you don't know what he's like when sane :-)

And apart from that there was a lot of more serious communication going on, between IRC, IM, SubEthaEdit and (very little) mail. Makes for a busy screen!


Update: Tom is (jokingly) wondering about the social skills of the Cocoon team. I should have mentioned that all this happened in addition to serious F2F time. Who says men cannot multitask?