HTML4 loose.dtd broken on


After getting weird HTML validation errors today we had a look at the and it seems like it's broken!

Is it just me? The DTD contains things like

With a comment closing sign, but no opening. Validators fail with an error on the first entity declaration, "HTML.Version".

Unless someone's playing tricks on us with a funny proxy or cache in between, this is weird and must have broken quite a few programs on the web today...have you seen it as well?

(DTDs broken on This is one of these "I might be going to look silly" posts..but it looks true ;-)

Update: comments are enabled on this post now, sorry about that

Update: Simone Gianni mailed me the following explanation, thanks!: it's not broken, in SGML -- is enough for a comment, but I a lot of parsers do not think it is, and generally XML tools do not like it. This is also clearly stated in Anyway, a quick compare with a similar but working one ( shows that they changed their mind, and used a more "compliant" way of including comments in other DTDs.