jfor 0.7.2rc1

As with many things, I wish I could do more for jfor, so it feels good to at least be able to put out V0.7.2rc1 as a release candidate.

My recent post about the future of jfor prompted some encouraging comments, and as a result we have two new commiters: welcome Peter and Conal!

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  1. CH*AS Blog says:

    XSL-FO to RTF converter

    Bertrand’s weblog erwähnt jfor 0.7.2rc1, bei dem es sich um einen XSL-FO in RTF Konvertierer handelt. Damit ist folgendes möglich docbook –> xsl-fo -> rtf -> .doc …und dies dann in OpenOffice oder einem anderen Programm bearbeiten. XslFo (w…

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