Five things you didn't know about me (and didn't care either ;-)


I knew it was going to happen...Sylvain tagged me, so here we go:

  1. I'm not your typical Swiss guy: the only cheese I eat is fondue and raclette, assuming loads of pepper are on hand. I can't stand the smell of raw cheese.
  2. I attended the full-year program of the Percussion Institute of Technology in Hollywood circa 1998 1988. Doesn't make me look younger I guess, but it was heaps of fun. I got the most improved student of the year award, meaning that I was really bad upon arrival.
  3. After almost 18 years as an independent, it looks like 2007 will see me return to being employed. Can't tell you more right now, except that it's not what you might think.
  4. I tend to remember numbers, even if they are not very useful. Like 123681, the frame number of my bicycle, which got stolen in 1982. Go figure.
  5. Apart from that, my memory can act in funny ways. I might sometimes not even remember people with whom I spent a fun weekend a few years ago. No booze or substances involved, it just works like that. Very embarassing when it happens, especially in view of the previous item ;-)

The next poor sools are Torsten , Marcus, Vadim and Matthew. Tag, you're it!