Wicket In Action Review - not!

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This is not a review: apologies to the Wicket In Action people for not reviewing the book yet, my review copy has been sitting on my desk for weeks, just read a few pages here and there and I like what I see! I reviewed an early version of the book almost two years ago, and it was good already, so I'm very confident.

In the meantime, Sylvain has a review - and I'll meet him tomorrow on our way to our Canal du Midi cycling trip, so please bombard his site until then ;-)

The wicketinaction.com website is the place for more info about the book.

I intend to review the book based on a concrete use case that I'd like to implement with Wicket - I'll put the book to the test and see if it allows me to do what I want. Stay tuned - but don't hold your breath as the next weeks look quite packed!

Cycling trip next week means I'll be offline, so don't expect anything from me next week.