Akua holds its promises

We went to see the akua show yesterday evening and we had a ball – as expected.

These guys are just plain crazy: the show includes completely sinking a big part of the stage, burning in flames while actors are seemingly fighting for their life. Not to mention that a big construction crane is one of the main props, used to carry actors and monsters around the aquatic stage.

Dialogue is mostly french with a funny mix of italian and english (and swiss-german cursing), but I’m sure one would enjoy the show even without understanding everything, it is very visual.

All this accompanied by great live music, played by a trio of amphibious musicians going from rough punkish sounds to gentle acoustic guitar and violin stuff to serve the show.

I don’t know if these guys have an official motto but I can imagine something like why do something normal when you can blow the socks off people…food for tought!

I have lifted the picture from their website, seems like fair use given the millions thousands maybe one or two people who will attend the show after reading this.

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