Back to technology: eye toy

I’m glad to see that Carsten also enjoys technical silence. It was good to forget about everything (except good friends, great night skies and naps in the hammock) for some time!


But today technology is back with a vengeance with the Playstation Eye Toy that my son bought this morning (after carefully saving his vacation allowance ;-)

This thing is just amazing: no camera training required, just put yourself in front of the camera in the suggested position and start playing. Lots of fun, and makes me think about lots of non-game applications. Parallels with Ray Kurzweil‘s writings are obvious, and after reading another William Gibson book on vacation I’m almost starting to shiver at the sight of this…

7 Responses to Back to technology: eye toy

  1. ray says:


    I am working on a PC clone. The eye toy is excellent, and has inspired me greatly. Go to

  2. Matt says:

    The game rocks man, Do you have the source code?

  3. Josh says:

    Hi Ray,

    Is your email address

    Pleae send me the game. I will gladly pay for the source. How much are you looking at?


  4. Shane says:

    could you please send it to me too,

    I’m actually looking at making the navagation system used in eye toy for an inter active CD. If any one knows how it was programmed or anything about it could they please send it to me at IRISH_HYPE@HOTMAIL.COM. cheers

  5. Jeroen Vrancken says:

    there seems te be something wrong with it, zip file is empty :S, could you mail me the game please.

  6. Dadu says:

    Sniffff…. the zip file is corrupted… damnn..

    can you update link or send me the game..

  7. john says:

    Hi there i’m looking into creating game using the eyetoy, i tried to open the link but it says it is invalid/corrupt.

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