Scripting bugzilla

You know I’m a fan of bugzilla (and I know there are better tools but it does the job here ;-)

Today I need to enter a bunch of issues in a bugzilla system, from a software analysis document written in XML, containing for example:

description="Scrubolator markup implementation">
<hours design="3" implementation="6" test="2" installation="0" documentation="1"/>

After searching all over the world for an XML-RPC or similar interface (there is one on the RedHat version of bugzilla apparently) I found bugzilla-submit right there on the official bugzilla download page.

Very useful! With a simple RFC-822 like input file you can create an issue from the command-line:

Op-Sys: MacOS X
Status: NEW
Version: unspecified
Priority: P3
Severity: normal
Product: Milestones
Component: Itérations
Summary: Iteration 5
Description: We'll use dependencies on this issue to schedule iteration 5

So I’ll just have to write an XSLT transform to put my analysis into action (well, let’s make this planning instead, the action will come right after).

Note that I had to hack the script slightly to make it work on my macosx system:

#if sys.version[:6] < '2.3.0':
#    error("you must upgrade to Python 2.3 or higher to use this script.")
if sys.version[:4] < '2.3':
error("you must upgrade to Python 2.3 or higher to use this script.")

Another cool tool! Many thanks to its authors Christian Reis and
Eric S. Raymond.

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