Jan Wildeboer on software patents in the EU

Jan Wildeboer is on stage now, I’m not going to blog a summary but just a link to the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure of which he is a member. They have lots of information and links about software patents in the EU.

A really good talk! One of his conclusions is Dont’ let the Megacorps define the law. I couldn’t agree more.

One Response to Jan Wildeboer on software patents in the EU

  1. james ryley says:

    I saw https://grep.codeconsult.ch/2005/07/22/jan-wildeboer-on-software-patents-in-the-eu/ and wanted to mention a useful site: http://www.FreePatentsOnline.com

    It provides free patent searching, free PDF downloading, allows annoting documents and sharing them, and free alerts for new documents.

    If you have a spot, a link to let your users know abou the site would be great.

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