Ray Nagin interview online

I don’t know New Orleans’ Mayor Ray Nagin‘s voice so let’s hope this is not a fake – this mp3 interview (also at at binarybonsai.com) gives me shivers.

The section at 10:30 about resource allocation gives a good summary of his view of the problem.

As usual, wikipedia is also standing up as a live encyclopedia – fascinating, but so sad.

Via the Silent Penguin.

Update: as Leo says in the comments, the interview seems to be genuine – thanks Leo!.

2 Responses to Ray Nagin interview online

  1. leo says:

    This angry man is Ray Nagin, hear this in DRS3 (Official Swiss german radio) too. There’s also a very larg articel about him in Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Nagin).

  2. Jacques Lema says:

    CNN has a text transcript of this, for those, like me, who didn’t get everything from the mp3.


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