I’m not on AIM anymore

With Adium it’s easy to be connected to all sorts of IM systems, and I had this old AIM account that I almost never used.

Lately it’s been telling me regularly that I’m connected from two places simultaneously, when moving from the laptop to the office beasty. Annoying, and given the (non-)utility of it, not worth investigating.

So I have disabled this account. If this was the only channel that you used to talk to me: I’m not dead (not yet at least), you’ll just need to use another of these fine (balkanized) IM services.

One Response to I’m not on AIM anymore

  1. Ian Holsman says:

    it is annoying, but it does play a useful role.
    when my im account got hacked, the only real warning that something was going on was aolsystemmsg thing constantly telling me I was logged on somewhere else.

    disclaimer: I work for the aol ppl

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