Journey through customer service

Sony's service is a running joke among my colleagues who had to have their Vaio portables repaired, and I'm starting to experiment it firsthand. I have this nice 21-inch Trinitron monitor which needs some adjustments, and fortunately it is still under bring-in warranty. But where to bring it in?

Call Sony Switzerland. Nice people, advise me to bring my monitor to a local Sony shop, close to my office. No problem.

But wait a minute: shop recommends contacting the local repair specialist instead. Can you feel the pulse of Indiana Jones getting faster at this point? You should, because that's where the fun begins. Guess where local repair specialist recommends that I send my monitor? Sony Switzerland. Back to square one, no bonus collected..

I'm not giving up yet - stay tuned!

Update #1 (July 9th): yesterday was a milestone as I've been able to drop the monitor at the Sony Shop (after a serious investigation about why can it be that you're bringing this here and you bought it elsewhere). For about 80 euro they agreed to send it to the right place for repair. Definite progress here, fingers crossed. I wonder if my monitor will have to go through the knit-o-matic.

Update #2 (August 4th): coming back from my holidays, there are news: my monitor is toast, Sony suggests replacing it. Oh, and by the way, they now find it too old to be replaced under warranty. No thanks for telling me the opposite on my first call :-(