It’s OH-JAY-BEE. OH-JAY-BEE, get it?

After writing obj instead for the millionth time I have to vent the steam somwhere. Maybe my fingers will learn after seeing this post ;-)

OJB works just great for me, but my fingers are soooooooo used to type obj-something…You’ll see when you’re my age!

(yes, I know I said this before already – my brain cells are not that bad ;-)

2 Responses to It’s OH-JAY-BEE. OH-JAY-BEE, get it?

  1. I am tempted to just start calling it ObjectBridge and make life even more confusing.

    Suggestions on best way to handle this chaos?


  2. dunno – maybe convince the IDEA and Eclipse (and vi and emacs) people to implement an automatic spelingshecker to convert obj to ojb when needed ;-)

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