Wow. If you haven’t tried LogFactor5 and you use some logging in your apps, your should have a look at it! It can be enabled real easy in Cocoon 2.1 by editing cocoon.xconf, see comments inside that file.

What? your apps don’t use logging? you can sign them up for the museum-of-lost-apps then, opening soon ;-)

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  1. LogFactor5

    Bertrand (the proud new father of 6 puppies) writes about LogFactor5. Wow. That looks really impressive. Thanks for the link,…

  2. Bertrand discovers LF5

    Bertrand discovers LogFactor5, the swing GUI for log messages. A nice feature Marcus and I added several months ago, that

  3. jaymin says:

    Respected Sir,
    I want to download LoadFactor5 full virsion but i am not getting from the site and the link on the site is not working…
    So if possible please send me the link from where i can download LoadFactor5.
    Jaymin Bhuptani
    Elitecore Technologies Ltd.,

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