July and August will be quiet here

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I'll be travelling on the other side of the world (Australia) with my family from June 28th to August 20th, so you won't hear me much during this time.

Getting ready for a two months family trip is not much fun, organizing things that must go on while you're away, juggling spreadsheets to try to reassure yourself that the finances will be ok, etc....lots of things to think about to make sure you can really be away from it all for a while.

But who am I to complain? This looks like it will be a fantastic experience for us, and we'll meet a whole bunch of friends and family (one of my uncles lives there since 1951) in various places: Brisbane, Cairns (even Weipa and Aurukun), Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

We'll be mostly offline the whole time, with more or less weekly infusions of email and maybe occasional weblog postings (depending on the weather I guess ;-)

So if someone needs to get in touch with me during this period: either wait till we're back, or ask for confirmation if you send email, as it might get lost in the sea of spam that sometimes goes past spamassassin. I'll unsubscribe from most or all mailing lists as well, and catch up with you guys when we're back.

Now: get back to work for two more weeks so that the above mentioned spreadsheets look less scary...