Last-minute CFPs for ApacheCon Europe 2005

If you want to speak at ApacheCon Europe 2005, in July, today's the deadline for proposals. There are several variants of the exact deadline time on the site, but it mostly looks like it's today...

I've sent my proposals, including a talk entitled on being independent where I'd like to share my experience after more than 15 years of doing this. Looks like I missed the 15th year celebration in 2004, by the way.

I don't know if this fits the general tone of the conference, we'll see what they think! My other proposals are more technical, you can count on me for large-scale advertisements here if they are accepted ;-)

Didier: I told you I was not dead, see I'm blogging again ;-)

Update: the deadline has been extended to 22h30 EST Saturday, 12 March 2005