Open Source Bouffe

Had a great time yesterday evening, eating with Ceki, Erik, Alexandre and Serge at a cool (but somewhat noisy) Mexican restaurant here in Lausanne.

We all live within an hour’s drive of each other these days, so it was easy to get together.

Getting people from log4j, Orbeon, Wine, Jahia and Cocoon to spend a whole evening together without fighting about licenses vs. commercial vs. idealistic vs. my-code-is-larger-than-yours vs. GPL vs. ASL might seem a tall order, but we did it very nicely. No bullshit has been our recurring theme on that night.

Too bad I forgot to bring a camera…next time guys!

6 Responses to Open Source Bouffe

  1. Serge Huber says:

    Hi Bertrand,

    Wow you are fast :) Anyway just to say it was a great idea and it was really interesting and fun too ! For the camera I also thought about it on the way back.

    ’till next time,

  2. Jacques Lema says:

    Now the real question is: was the food free as in beer or speech?

  3. Hmm…we did speak very freely, and there was some beer involved as well…I seem to remember having to get some money out at the end though.

  4. leo says:

    Looks like there was a real strong IT-Force in swiss-romande. Perhaps I have to learn french ;-)

  5. Erik Bruchez says:

    Yes that was a good idea and a nice dinner, let’s do that again!

  6. Ceki Gulcu says:

    It was fun and an excellent idea indeed. We should get together more often. :-)

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