java dot net dot fud?

It might be a good idea for Sun to launch what looks like a better SourceForge. They integrated a wiki, which makes my coolness meter jump up instantly!

Did I read correctly though? JAVA DOT NET? What does Sun gain from feeding the confusion in so many people’s minds, about choosing between dot net and Java (which is the wrong question if you ask me)?

I agree with Steven that the important thing is that large business start to care about OSS activities around their core technology.. Nicola Ken sees FUD, and considering some of Sun’s recent moves he might be right too.

Time will tell. But java dot net? Really?

4 Responses to java dot net dot fud?

  1. Keith Lea says:

    Do you think anyone at Sun should be banned from owning any domains ending in .net? That they should allow Microsoft to take over one sixth of the US domains out there? My argument isn’t very coherent right now because I’m very tired, but I just want to say I think that’s silly.

  2. There’s no reason for any kind of ban, of course Sun or anyone is free to choose any available domain name as long as they don’t step on anyone’s property.
    My point was that, given the choice, I find it silly for Sun to have chosen “java dot net” as the name of their new service, as it can be confusing for people who do not quite understand what “java” and “Microsoft dot net” are about.
    But maybe it’s a way to show how weak “dot net” is as a product name; in that case I didn’t quite get the joke ;-)

  3. Simon Phipps says:

    FWIW, the better name ( wasn’t Sun’s to use, so to paraphrase Bono in the lead-in to U2’s cover of ‘Helter Skelter’, “this is the suffix Microsoft stole from the Internet, now we’re stealing it back.”

  4. I like the Bono thing – but I failed to see it at first, and I’m probably not alone. Anyway apart from the name I like the idea, this could help start new open communities which is a Good Thing in my opinion.

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