Boycotting Halloween


Like many people I like travelling, discovering countries and I think most of all discovering the different ways of living and thinking of their people.

Why should we mix our cultures until they are all the same? Halloween trick-or-treating was not part of our Swiss culture until some marketing guys found out a few years ago that having a "new" special day might bring some extra business.

So, me and my family have been boycotting everything that has to do with Halloween around here: we see no reason (other than discutable business ones) to import it here. Only the dog is happy when we let her bark her heart out at the poor trick-or-treaters ;-)

We're not the only ones, and it seems to be working actually, we seem to see less dressed up kids every year.

Hope this goes on until the marketing guys find out that it's really not worth it after all. Let's enjoy our local traditions and enjoy the ones of other countries when we're actually there!