the Keytar – looks like fun

(I promise – next week we’ll have some really serious blogging here, about serious work-related things ;-)

As someone says, this guy might need an industrial designer to make the thing look better, but I find the video very convincing. The Keytar looks easy and fun to play – I’d love to try one!

4 Responses to the Keytar – looks like fun

  1. Roy P says:

    I guess it’s fine if you are the type who has a hard time playing a guitar. But, I personally find it a bit of a joke. Among other things, you can’t do different chord voicings on it. Retail for $999 ? no thanks. I’d suggest people go buy a decent quality real beginners guitar for less than half that price and learn to play from a good guitar teacher.

    What would you rather do.. Ride a bicycle with training wheels for the rest of your life or learn to ride a bicycle without training wheels ?
    The same goes for this.

  2. Of course – I wouldn’t think of it as an instrument to learn as seriously as a guitar, more like a fun addition to one’s setup.

    I play drums, some keyboards and very little guitar, and it seems like the Keytar would allow me to produce guitar-like sounds fairly easily. Could be fun!

  3. ehsan says:

    hi my name is ehsan from iran i want some information about keyboard giture
    forexample sound / rithem / price and kind
    sincerely yours

  4. barry says:

    it dont matter what sound the keytar makes or if u should just lern guitar. it is supremly cool!!!! i play keyboard but love the whole rocking out you can do with a guitar. the simple idea of a keyboard turned guitar is a brillaint idea for us keyboard players that want to rock like our string laden counterparts. i say go hard! keytar all the way

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