RSS feed for CVS log messages

Found The Pragmatic Programmer’s excellent solution to generate an RSS feed out of CVS loginfo messages.

Installation is easy if Ruby is available on the server, and installing Ruby in one’s home directory is also easy if you don’t have root access. The 10-minute test is a success.

By the way, the source code is a really good example of the power of scripting. Excluding the comment header, the whole thing fits on a single Powerbook screen ;-)

One Response to RSS feed for CVS log messages

  1. leo says:

    Cool solution, but I’m not a real fan of regular expression in code. Sure this make the code much shorter, but it’s much harder, at least for non-(hardcore)-geeks, to unterstand.

    We use at the moment a much more havy weigth solution for our build process (sure inclusiv all status report posibilits like email, rss, web, etc). Cruise Controll is our real powerfull solution for automaticals builds and build status information.

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