Clickatell bulk SMS gateway

My colleague Roberto is experimenting with Clickatell to send SMS messages from applications, with very good results. This looks like another “It Just Works” service.

The gateway is very well done – this is a perfect example that you don’t need SOAP to make web services work, these guys allow you to use HTTP, mail, FTP (among other ways) to access their engine.

The fact that SMS sent via their services are much cheaper than using a local provider opens some interesting business perspectives…

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  1. bushra says:

    Dear sir,

    here we are jumpin company for net services kindly we would like to ask you a bout sms gateway we want to buy sms gateway so send me please price offer.

    thanks alot

  2. Vincent says:

    Is your colleague still happy with Clickatell? Or didn’t he test it further? Was it reliable (as in: did all the messages arrive at their destination)?

    We are considering using Clickatell as gateway. And I’m looking around for people with active experience in using their service.

  3. Roberto says:

    We worked with CLickatell for 2 months and we stopped.
    The problems met with clickatell are:

    – the support is very slow, even when they make errors
    – lots of problems with the sms 1 credit
    – In Switzerland we have 3 operators. We can change operator keeping the same mobile phone number. In this case sms never arrives.

    We changed for we have nothing to say, very good service.

  4. Roberto, you will find that even though Clickatell’s support may be slower than other companies which I’ve used for SMS sending in the past, their API enables one to send bulk with a very low SMS failure rate. Very seldom do you get routing errors with messages unlike other gateways I’ve used in the past.

    It might be an idea to bring up the fact that you guys have a ‘number for life’ scenario to the Clickatell guys and I’m sure that they will be able to resolve your issue.

  5. Jannie Botha says:


    I have been using to send SMS – they offer a choice of http api, web based sms or a free desktop application.

    What I like the most is the fact that I only registered once and could log in with the same username or password. Real easy to use

  6. Vijay says:

    try ValueFirst Mesaging to send receive SMS messages from computer software applications using internet.

  7. Martin says:

    Here is a site that will allow you integration and free SMS portal branding ActiveX control , SMPP scripts and coverage with delivery reports to 500+ networks

  8. Martin says:

    Here is a site that will allow you integration and free SMS portal branding ActiveX control , SMPP scripts and coverage with delivery reports to 500+ networks

  9. pawan says:

    this opportunity to introduce my company SMSLauncher, the company incorporated specially for text/content messaging deliveries across the globe. Strong mobile domain understanding and knowledge have helped us in becoming the leading SMS Provider in India and abroad specializing in real-time “streaming” traffic. We are proud to be connected to over 500+ operators worldwide.
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  10. Sree Kumar says:

    Missaticum is a leading bulk messaging platform providing coverage to over 500 operators in over 150 countries. You can connect to Missaticum’s carrier grade servers using smpp or http api for sms messaging. Our web based bulk sms solutions can be used for SMPP bulk sms and also for streaming SMS for peer to peer traffic and Corporate Users.

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  11. ssshah says:

    How can I setup my own web SMS gateway on my windows or Linux machine?

    Basically I want some sort of PCI card which can hold my SIM card. I’m very much successfully by setting up web SMS gateway using my cell phone by following these steps:

    But I want a permanent solution for this purpose, I still wanna use same SIM card but i would like to fix it using a PCI card. Please suggest If i can get such card?

  12. Russaw says:

    The best article I’ve read on the very first day of the year. Thanks :)

    Happy new year

  13. carolyn joseph says:

    txtimpact is a US based IT company engaged in providing sms gateway, bulk sms,mobile content delivery(like ringtones,wallpapers,videos, animations and graphics)and mobile marketing solutions and platforms.
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  14. Today clicktell bulk sms gateway application is widely used for mobile marketing or text messaging. Clicktell is one of the biggest mobile marketing company over the glob!

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