Yamaha’s vocaloid technology sounds amazing, emulating a human singer in software.

This demo sounds fairly human – although my ears are not used to Japanese singing, it sounds better than many singers already.

A quick glance at the website did not indicate if the software works in realtime, and from some hints I assume it does not. Still an amazing feat though.

Via slashdot.

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  1. You should really have a look at Harmony Assistant and Virtual Singer here: http://www.myriad-online.com/

    This is really amazing, affordable, and already available for more than one year!

  2. Thanks Sylvain for the links, I wasn’t aware of this!

    I find the synthesis artifacts to be much more audible in Virtual Singer than in Vocaloid, but it might also be because the examples are in French and I’m more used to this language.

  3. Robert A. says:

    I’ve been a user of Myriad’s Virtual Singer (Real Singer) since it began. Just recently, I put some mp3 file of my own song demos on the Internet, so that anyone can compare them to Vocaloid. Most are in English, using my own voice as database. There is also Gounod’s “Ave Maria,” which you can compare to the Vocaloid demo by Lola.

    If you listen to any demo, listen to all of them, since they are very different in terms of the result produced. It is as if there are several different voices.


    That’s the demo URL. It’s by me, a user, not by the software supplier.

  4. Robert A. says:

    I moved my demos to another web site:
    I expect they will be at this URL indefinitely.

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