Cocoon 2.1.9 is out


Thanks Carsten for making the release happen, and congratulations to all involved, the 2.1.9 release of Cocoon is available.

There are no revolutions in this release, but the many small changes still make a significant difference. The 2.1 branch is stable and for most of us it's been the workhorse for quite some time, so no real need for revolutions there.

A not so small change is the rewriting of some of the CForms samples to use dojo for Ajax stuff. The Ajaxified dynamic repeater is a good example, where Ajax makes a big difference to the UI without being obnoxious.

I have contributed almost nothing to this release, between a hectic end of year 2005 and lots of teaching in this beginning of 2006 I didn't have much time. I'll hopefully be more active in the next months.

Update: we found out (too late) that the samples of the Ajax block are broken when using the default settings in this release. The new "template" block must be enabled (as described in INSTALL.txt) for these samples to work.