Creme Brulee

creme-brulee.jpgIt works!

If your wife or partner is as nice as mine, you might get a [2] for your birthday. Make some [1] and apply [2] to it to get a delicious [3].

The vanilla cream should be yellower, but we were out of eggs. Next time it will be even nicer!

4 Responses to Creme Brulee

  1. Erik Abele says:

    Mmmmh, yummy :)

  2. Roger says:


    So it really works. I have already tried different ways to make the necessary crust, without success.

    I will try it. So first of all, I need to get the nice wife or partner ;-)

  3. Yummy! So her gift wasn’t for DIY :-)

    Happy birthday BTW!

  4. Andreas says:

    Je vois, un vrai amateur de la cuisine, ou męme un nouveau Bocuse, qui s’annonce… ;-)

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